Why Profit Advantage?

Business owners who utilize Profit Advantage are looking for ways to improve their bottom line. By outsourcing certain administrative functions, their time can be redirected towards managing their operation and increasing company sales.

Most business owners are uncomfortable dealing with the complicated governmental regulations placed on employers today. In many companies, an office manager with little or no Human Resource experience is expected to ensure the company is operating within State and Federal guidelines.

Each year, as mandated compliance requirements increase, even the most conscientious business owners worry about potential liability. Today, employers need a strong background in Human Resource administration. Profit Advantage brings to the table years of experience at providing Human Resource expertise to businesses just like yours.

Human Resource Administration

Our experts take the hassle out of the day-to-day HR needs.

Business owners today face a tremendous amount of liability the moment they hire their first employee. For many owners it has become a full-time job to stay in compliance with the growing amount of governmental regulations placed on their business.


Our experts make Payroll a cinch with easy-to-use tools.

When working with Profit Advantage, your company will eliminate the liability and time associated with payroll processing and tax reporting. All that is required of your business is to: 1) report hours and 2) notify Profit Advantage of changes in pay rates or employee status.


Benefits management can 
be a time-consuming jungle. Let us handle that burden.

Profit Advantage will administer the group insurance plans for the employees of your company. Once you have determined which benefit programs to offer the employees and what the company’s contribution will be toward these plans 


We've put together an affordable retirement plan 
for small businesses.

Profit Advantage, combined with Transamerica Retirement Solutions, has put together an affordable retirement plan for small businesses. Our plan has all the flexibility of a custom plan, meaning you decide on your vesting schedule, 


We handle everything from training to written programs and compliance.

Profit Advantage, Inc. provides the 
Comprehensive On-Site Safety Reviews and Inspections, OSHA 300 Log Review and Compliance, Loss Control and Safety Training,Safety Meeting Training Videos, and so much more!

What We Do

Profit Advantage is a Nebraska Corporation, which provides Co-Employment services to small and medium sized businesses. Under a Co-Employment arrangement, a business owner outsources their company’s Human Resource Administration to Profit Advantage in order to reduce operating costs and eliminate their current liability.

Profit Advantage becomes responsible for a company’s Payroll Processing, Employee Benefit Programs, Human Resource Compliance and Governmental Reporting. The business owner still retains control over the employees, only now they have eliminated the complicated and time-consuming administrative side of employment.

Attract and Retain the Most Qualified Employees

Employees are the most important asset in every business. A quality benefit program is essential in the hiring and retention of good employees. Profit Advantage allows a small employer to offer “big company benefit programs” that include a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan, 401K program, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Cancer Insurance. Profit Advantage handles all of the employee paperwork including tracking eligibility dates, enrolling new hires, and COBRA Administration.